Beba Bean

Beba Bean Being an avid inventor at heart, when his son was born, Peter Malcic knew he had stumbled onto a great idea. Creating pee-pee teepees out of tissue paper and keeping them on the change table, he urged his wife to sew some flannel cones in the same shape. When the name came to him “pee-pee teepee” he knew there would be a big market for it in the gift industry. The pee-pee teepee was born and so was a business that this husband and wife team named Beba Bean. Lisa Malcic sees the pee-pee teepee as only the beginning. She is continually designing new products that babies love and parents can’t live without. She considers her design style to be clean lines and classic sophistication and incorporates that style into every Beba Bean product.

The Swanky Swaddler was designed to take the guesswork out of swaddling, and with its unique packaging, makes a great shower gift for a new baby.
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Swanky Hat
Swanky Hat


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