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Legaré Kids furniture is packed with remarkable innovations that you simply won't find in other modular furniture. Legaré Kids furniture is Eco-friendly and features a non-toxic, baked-enamel finish over a tough MDF substrate. Patented tool-free assembly, incredibly strong locking tab/slot design, integrated cable routing and many other forward-thinking user features, are just a few of the innovations you'll find in every piece of Legaré Kids furniture.

The Multi-Pack Desks and Bookcases provide functional workspace and plenty of storage while adding fun, vibrant color to any kid's room. The colorful, adaptable Legare Kids furniture will meet your child's needs as they grow, and will be a fun addition to a college dorm room. The Gaming Stand provides a side shelf for storing an XBox, a Wii or a Playstation vertically, and a top surface large enough for a 30" CRT or a 37" Plasma or LCD TV.

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