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Mamma's Milk

Mamma's Milk Mamma's Milk baby slings will help you carry your baby in a natural fetal position, soothed by your heartbeat, movement, and familiar scent. Carrying your baby in a baby sling has been scientifically proven to reduce baby's crying by 51%.

• Easier than a stroller.
• Lighter than lugging a carseat.
• Faster & less bulky than the traditional front baby carrier.
• Happier babies.
• Satisfied moms.

What was once considered a novelty item, the baby sling has now become the “must-have” baby accessory.
Stay cool with the SolarVeil® Sling this Summer. A single layer of this patented fabric provides maximum coolness for mom and baby while providing an extreme SPF 70+.
Pink SolarVeil Baby Sling
Pink SolarVeil Baby Sling


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