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Yosi-girls Yosi-girls are hip hair accessories for young girls and tweens alike. Yosi-girls barrettes and hair elastics are available in fun shapes like birdy, bunny, cool cats, cupcakes, and even candies! The Big Sister line includes lively, colorful hair clips and barrettes that will hold the thickest hair.

Jules Sherman, the designer and founder of Yosiˇgirls, graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and was the recipient of the Alexander Graham Bell Award for "Design and Invention," presented by the RISD Industrial Design Department.

Inspiration for the line came from a combination of interests in flexible rubbery materials and a love of illustration, pattern and color. Yosiˇgirls takes environmental and safety issues seriously and only uses materials that are lead, mercury, chromium and cadmium free.
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