Jasmine Body Lotion
Jasmine Body Lotion

Earthworks fragrantly exquisite Pur-Essence body lotion is moisturizing, nourishing and creamy, yet light enough to use all year round to hydrate, smooth and soften the skin. It is made with the finest natural ingredients including shea butter, jojoba and coconut oil combined with grapeseed oil (a natural anti-oxidant), as well as soothing, healing calendula and neem seed oil. Used daily, this sophisticated lotion will pamper your skin. 8.5oz. Scent: The freshest bouquet of spring flowers: mahonia, honeysuckle, hyacinth, lying on a sensual African jasmine heart in a delicate and sophisticated blend with desert lily, creamy plums and coconut, musky and woody dry-out. Size: 8.5 oz.


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