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Counting Sheep Comfort Blanket
Counting Sheep Comfort Blanket

All Noonoo© comfort blankets and bags are made of organic felted lambswool. Counting sheep is a time tested tradition to send a child off to sleep. The Counting Sheep Noonoo© Comfort Blanket incorporates sheep heading for the gateway to slumber land, with one loose sheep attached by a felted rope to allow safe enactment of the activity. The Sheep add-ons encourage counting, and the gate bars allow little fingers to explore safe nooks and crannies when a restless child needs an activity to fill the minutes before sleep. Both back and the front views of this Noonoo© Comfort Blanket give variety and a quality finished image. The Noonoo© Design Company label is made from woven cotton and has been laser-cut to compliment the overall softness of the Noonoo© Comfort Blanket. Size: 17" diameter.

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