Fleabug Comfort Blanket
Fleabug Comfort Blanket

All Noonoo© comfort blankets and bags are made of felted lambswool. The Fleabug Noonoo© Comfort Blanket is embroidered with a jumping flea racing from one part of the Noonoo© Comfort Blanket to the other - taken, tongue in cheek, from imagery drawn by a three year old child. In the early years, a child has no perception of what is politically correct, and so the Fleabug is intended to encourage the development of recognition of what is around him or her, whether it be generated through conversation, a visit to the farm or from picking up on a TV documentary. The Fleabug Noonoo© Comfort Blanket is bordered with three rows of different colour embroidered threads to encourage counting and stimulation for little fingers. Both back and the front views of this Noonoo© Comfort Blanket give variety and a quality finished image. The Noonoo© Design Company label is made from woven cotton and has been laser-cut to compliment the overall softness of the Noonoo© Comfort Blanket. Size: 17" x 17"



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