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My House Comfort Blanket
My House Comfort Blanket

All Noonoo© comfort blankets and bags are made of organic felted lambswool. The My House Noonoo© Comfort Blanket has patch windows, which incorporate felted finger curtains opening to reveal bobbles. The front door of my house has its own felted door knob And the four corners of the Noonoo© Comfort Blanket are secured with felted ties. These three dimensional interactive felted add-ons are intended to stimulate an infants desire to explore and tie, and at the same time as offering multiple handles to grip to, the asymmetrical form of the embroidered house, its chimney and smoke, are intended to stimulate perception of form and perspective. The Noonoo© Design Company label is made from woven cotton and has been laser-cut to compliment the overall softness of the Noonoo© Comfort Blanket. Size: 18" x 14.5"

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