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Woodbug Comfort Blanket
Woodbug Comfort Blanket

All Noonoo© comfort blankets and bags are made of organic felted lambswool. The Woodbug Noonoo© Comfort Blanket was originally drawn as a woodlouse by a two year old boy - over time his explanation of the imagery has altered to include spiders, crabs and various other crawly folk. This Comfort Blanket presents a multitude of fingers and toes, all interactive for maximum wiggling. The texture of the embroidery as well as the asymmetrical placement of the woodbugs encourage counting, order and exploration. Both back and the front views of this Noonoo© Comfort Blanket give variety and a quality finished image. The Noonoo© Design Company label is made from woven cotton and has been laser-cut to compliment the overall softness of the Noonoo© Comfort Blanket. Size: 14.5" x 14.5"

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